Flew in from LA on the redeye flight arriving

Flew in from LA on the redeye flight arriving in Boston, walked into the Lawless at about 9:30 AM feeling exhausted and really not in the mood to speak to car salesmen - but I did it anyway because I'm a straight shooter and I felt like my irritable disposition would help in negotiations. Thankfully I didn't need to be an ass because I got setup with Tim DiGataeno from the get go and everything was smooth - no sleazy approach and he doesn't oversell the vehicle - he knew I was looking at Ford and Chevy trucks and gave them their credit where it was due and worked to show me where the RAM was gonna be a better choice. All in all a very smooth process, I highly recommend Tim and can tell you that you'll be pleasantly surprised with how easy negotiations are - solid first offer, a little bit of cleanup work on the numbers and you'll be sold.
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